Having Trouble Delivering Traffic to Rural Areas by Phone?

Post date: Aug 26, 2016 7:34:51 PM

Sometimes traffic handlers will have difficulty delivering traffic by telephone. FCC reports that these are happening frequently in some places as a result of some phone service providers using third-party call-routing services designed to reduce fees associated with completing calls. Sometimes those services fail to complete the call at all, which can be evident from conditions like:

  • Ringing and ringing (10-20 times) with no answer or connection to voicemail
  • Ringing that finally terminates with a busy signal
  • A dead connection, with no sound, for a long time, that might end with a busy signal

To deliver traffic, you might want to try making the call from another provider, e.g., a landline if you're using a mobile phone to complete the call, before servicing the message back to the station of origin. Of course you might also consider delivering the traffic by hand or by mail.

For more information on the problem and what to do about it, see FCC's page on rural calling completion problems.