1. There shall be no dues. The Net Manager may, from time to time, ask for donations from net members to help defray such expenses as may become necessary.

2. Voting membership shall be the active roster as of the day a Teller shall commence a voting announcement.

3. On November 26th the net manager will appoint a Teller. On December 1st through December 7th the Teller shall call for nominations for Net Manager. Nominees for office must be voting members of the COTN and agree to serve if elected. From December 8th through December 15th the Teller shall call for votes from the voting membership. All voting must be in NTS radiogram format The winner shall be the nominee who has received the most votes. In the event of a tie, the Executive Committee (the Net Manager, Assistant Net Manager and three Advisory Board Members) shall make the final decision. On December 16th the Teller shall announce the results of the election. The Section Traffic Manager shall be notified of these results by the most appropriate means.

4. The new Net Manager shall then appoint an Assistant Net Manager, three Advisory Board Members, and other staff members as deemed necessary, to assist the Net Manager in the administration of the net. Duties of the new Net Manager, the new Assistant Net Manager, and the new Advisory Board Members, shall commence on January 1st.

5. The Net Manager shall operate the COTN, shall appoint and remove net controls and other persons required for the operation of the net, shall arrange liaison with other nets, and shall complete and forward such reports as are required. The Net Manager shall retain a copy of such reports and other communications in a permanent file belonging to the net, and shall turn over these files to the successor.

6. In the event of vacancy in the office of Net Manager, the Assistant Net Manager shall assume those duties for the unexpired term of office.

7. Details of the operation of the net shall correspond to those prescribed by the National Traffic System for a directed net.

8. Each session of the COTN shall commence with the reading of the following preamble:

This is the Central Ohio Traffic Net, a part of the Ohio Section of the National Traffic System. We meet daily to handle traffic. This is a directed net and net control will control the net. Your net control is ___________, my name is ___________, and I am located at ___________.

9. Each net control shall within 3 days following the closing of a net session, or the last day of the month, whichever comes first, advise the Net Manager or his designee, of the date, the number of check-ins, the number of pieces of traffic handled, the length of session in minutes, and the call(s) of Section Net Liaison(s).

10. The Net Manager, or an appointed substitute, shall preside at all meetings.

11. These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of members who vote to a Teller appointed by the Net Manager. Changes must be proposed in writing at the annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. Proposals can be made in person or to the Net Manager prior to such meeting. Voting shall be for seven days following such meeting. Results will be announced the day following. Voting must be in NTS radiogram format.

(These articles and by-laws were adopted as of November 11, 1995. Articles 2 and 11 were amended December 27, 1998.)