Buckeye Net Mixed Mode Interop

28 February 2021

The Ohio Section's Buckeye Net is now running a mixed-mode session on NTS Cycle Two. Being able to move traffic by voice procedure, CW procedure, and now with NBEMS, the Buckeye Net Mixed (BNM) can relay not only traditional NTS amateur radiograms but messages in any format.

As the Ohio ARES District 7 Net, COTN has need for maintaining liaison with BNM, and we have called for volunteers. This past weekend, a Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) exercise presented an interesting opportunity for BNM. Operating on a 5 MHz interoperability channel, BNM had government stations enter the net and exchange traffic.

This 27 February BNM operation is an excellent demonstration of the power of mixed-mode operation and interoperability, all in one session! If you've wondered what all of this is, you can watch this video to hear the net while the screen shows and describes what's happening in the net. Enjoy!