MARS Exercise November 7-10, 2015

Post date: Nov 2, 2015 12:10:31 AM

Army and Air Force MARS will conduct an exercise simulating a NATION-wide CORONAL MASS EJECTION (CME) AND GEO-MAGNETIC STORM. Whether you're a MARS station or not, you can help MARS with this exercise.

Army and Air Force MARS stations will contact amateur radio stations during the time period from November 7 0700 EST until November 10 1859 EST. If you're not a MARS operator but would like to help with the exercise, be ready for the calls and to respond to them, whether on HF, VHF, or UHF. The MARS stations will use their personal amateur callsigns to hopefully contact the amateur radio community on various local VHF and UHF repeaters. Some amateurs may attempt to check into the Ohio Single Sideband Net in an attempt to gather information. Stations may also check into the MIDCARS amateur radio service on 40 meters.

MARS stations need amateur callsigns, the state and county that amateur is located, the FIPS code for that county and the status of various utilities including radio and TV stations, status of the water supply and the status of Medical services and transportation. (Franklin County is 39049.)

We are hoping that the net control stations of both the Ohio Single Sideband net and the MIDCARS net will be kind enough to allow us to collect the information.

This exercise hopefully will allow the amateur radio community and the MARS community to work together as a team.