Articles of Association

Be it known that we, amateur radio traffic handlers in Ohio, associate ourselves together for the purpose of forming a message handling traffic net in the state of Ohio.

Article 1

The name of our traffic net shall be the "Central Ohio Traffic Net" (COTN).

Article 2

The purpose of the COTN shall be to relay traffic in the public interest during both normal times and communication emergencies and to train net members to accomplish this objective.

Article 3

The principal office of the net shall be the address of the current Net Manager of the COTN.

Article 4

The affairs of the COTN shall be under the control of the Net Manager. The Net Manager shall be elected annually.

Article 5

The COTN shall meet annually. In addition, special meetings may be called by the Net Manager when necessary.

Article 6

The office of Net Manager shall be deemed vacant by reason of death, resignation, permanent residence move from the central Ohio area, or refusal or inability to act.

Article 7.

Membership in the COTN shall be open to any licensed amateur radio operator, a resident of the state of Ohio, with a sincere interest in the handling of traffic and who has evidenced such interest by becoming active in net operations.