"Radio for the Rest of Us" Presentation May 6 at 1730Z

Post date: Apr 18, 2020 10:08:45 PM

Radio Relay International has added another training opportunity entitled "Radio for the Rest of Us on May 6 at 1730Z." This is a follow-up to our web-based "Introduction to the National SOS Radio Network and Neighborhood Hamwatch" training class to be conducted on April 29.

"Radio for the Rest of Us" is a presentation developed by the El Dorado Amateur Radio Club in response to experiences during the recent California Wildfires and wide-spread power outages that disabled Internet and Cellular data networks. The presenter, Alan Thompson (W6WN), will take those attending the class through the sequence of failures in cellular mobile data networks and public safety answering point service and then introduce you to the very constructive approach being taken by the El Dorado Amateur Radio Club to provide their community with an alternative in the form of a "neighborhood radio watch" initiative modeled on Radio Relay International's Neighborhood Hamwatch and NSOS programs.

Club members are building and maintaining GMRS repeaters, training citizens in basic two-way radio communications and assisting by programming GMRS and FRS two-way radios. Radio amateurs also serve as gateways to ARES networks interfaced with local public safety services and the traffic system to offer citizens an emergency "life line" in the event of a major disaster that disrupts traditional telecommunications infrastructure.

You will not want to miss this excellent presentation. There are six slots remaining, with registration for "Radio for the Rest of Us" available at:


If you are not able to attend the RRI presentation on April 29 first, you may want to review these links from the RRI Web Page before the May 6 presentation:






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James Wades (WB8SIW)

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