Subject to change. Please advise AB8MW if you would like to volunteer for any open position on the schedule.

SET Schedule

COTN will hold its numerous sessions starting on Saturday, October 7, 2017, and continuing through Sunday October 8. All times are local (Eastern). Each net will have a designated Net Control Station (NCS), Section Net Liaison (SNL), and will take place on a designated frequency (always start with primary, then move to secondary, then tertiary, then simplex), with any particular focus for the session (for example, simplex operation), noted.

Finally, note that there is a new scheduled position, “FCEMHS,” which is operation from the Assessment Center at Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security. Operators signing up for that duty have special requirements:

    • FEMA/EMI IS 100, 200, 700, 800 Complete;

    • Operation from Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security, 5300 Strawberry Farms Blvd, Columbus, Ohio;

    • Arrival at site 30 minutes before net session to be signed in, report to the Franklin County Auxiliary Communications Club (FCACC) Incident Commander, and to be briefed on the situation and prepare any outbound traffic;

    • Professional (business casual) or field (no-collar shirt, long pants, boots) dress—agency staff will be on-site for part of the operation, and media may also be present; and

    • Operation of FCACC callsign rather than personal callsign, checking in at "Other Liaison Stations" stage of net call-up as W8THV—station of origin on outbound traffic will be W8THV.

Note that the SET is part of BLACK SWAN 17, which runs October 1-15. Remember that all net control stations for sessions on October 7 and 8 will need to send their detailed SET session reports.

SET Check-In Procedure

When checking into COTN during the SET, do so by announcing yourself as follows:

    1. Callsign (in standard phonetics)

    2. Add "/E" (pronounced "stroke echo") to your callsign if you are on emergency power, e.g., a battery or generator

    3. Add "/D" (pronounced "stroke delta") to your callsign if you are capable of digital message exchange on the present session, e.g., Fldigi -- not to be confused with "digital liaison," which is NTSD

    4. Announce "new ham" if you got your license in 2013 or after