Advising the Station of Origin of Delivery

Post date: Jul 7, 2014 12:45:53 AM

This evening we had a piece of traffic come through to a new relay station with handling instructions C. MPG Chapter 1 on the ARRL Message Format advises what the handling instructions mean. Namely,

HXC Report date and time of delivery of the message back to the originating station.

Thus, the question: What's the best way to advise the station of origin that the traffic has been delivered?

We've previously considered about the use of ARRL Numbered Radiograms and how some stations have their own Common Texts. In both cases, these radiograms help to get the message through more quickly and efficiently than custom text that the sender has to make up every time that a common sentiment needs to be delivered.

As it turns out we have a copy of the ARRL Numbered Radiograms on the References section of our web site. There we find that there is a Numbered Radiogram that's perfect for sending a message to the originating station of those radiograms with handling instructions C.

FORTY SEVEN Reference your message number _____ to _____ delivered on _____ at _____ UTC.

Happy routing!