Simplex Day Operation

On the second Saturday of January, the Ohio Section of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) holds its annual "VHF+" Simplex Day. It's a Field Day style contest for making contacts at 50 MHz and up, with points awarded for various achievements, including extra points for contacts on the 6m band and for contacting stations with various ARRL appointments.

ARRL website:

Simplex operations are critical to resilient message relay, so Central Ohio Traffic Net encourages participation—even if you're not a contester. Keeping track of your contacts, seeing where they are relative to your operation will help you to understand the "footprint" of your station and how well you'll be able to perform if the repeaters are unavailable.

Our After-Action Reports frequently recommend that we hold more simplex nets, and we hope to work on our improvement plan while gaining points and having fun at the same time.

COTN Simplex Day Operations: