Change in “2nd Alt” Operating Frequency

Post date: Aug 3, 2017 12:40:20 PM

COTN operates primarily on the 146.97 repeater, with an alternate of the 146.76 machine, where we have secondary priority behind Central Ohio Severe Weather Net. Both of these excellent machines are owned and operated by the Central Ohio Radio Club, and we are grateful for their support.

We have been operating on the 147.33 CORC machine as our "second alternate" frequency, for fallback when neither primary nor alternate machines are available. That machine, while also excellent, has a footprint that's significantly shifted to the east of our normal operating area.

Effective August 3, 2017, COTN has accepted the offer from the Capital City Repeater Association (CCRA) to make use of its 147.24 machine. After some testing conducted in May and June, we have decided to incorporate "24" into our operating schedule, as second alternate, in place of the "33" machine. Our fallback from second alternate remains simplex at 147.510 MHz.

Return of operations to the "24" machine is a bit of a homecoming for COTN, as that was the machine that supported operations for years. CORC has graciously hosted COTN as the CCRA system went through changes, and continues to do so for our primary and alternate operating frequencies.