Radio Relay International Offers Online Training

Post date: Mar 29, 2020 6:23:13 PM

Hello Everyone:

With much of the US population stuck inside while engaged in "social distancing," Radio Relay International has decided to take advantage of this lull in economic activity to present some training classes for those interested in emergency communications preparedness and traffic handling. These classes are intended for beginners and those who are fairly new to the world of public service communications.

For this initial run, we will limit class size to 15 people in each class. This will allow us to gauge response and make adjustments to the class content and schedule if needed.

The two classes consist of:

RRI Training Class TR-002: "An Introduction to Professional Emergency Communications Preparedness."

This class covers:

* Basic disaster telecommunications theory.

* The application of various modes.

* The structure of the traffic system.

* The radiogram format and its network management data.

RRI Training Class TR-007: "Basic Radiotelephone Net Procedures." (prerequisite required: TR-002 above).

* The nature of radiotelephone nets.

* The ITU phonetic alphabet

* The prowords (and procedural phrases).

* Basic net procedures.

* Transmitting radiograms and radiogram-ICS213 messages.

* Practical exercises with student participation.

Two hours is allotted for each class, but time may vary somewhat depending on the amount of student participation.

Dates are:

Series One: March 31 and April 2 at 1630Z

Series Two: April 7 and April 9 at 1830Z

IT requirements:

Students will be attending a "go to meeting" video conference. A computer or laptop with both audio and video functions must be available.

Students should register at:

Once registered for either pair of classes, students will receive an e-mail with links to documents they should have available when attending the on-line class.

Please feel free to share this announcement with those who might have an interest in getting started in traffic handling or those who want to brush-up on their skills.


James Wades (WB8SIW), RRI National Emergency Communications Coordinator

Kate Hutton (K6HTN), RRI National Training Manager

Radio Relay International (W6RRI)

833-377-0722 x 700