Net Schedule, Frequencies, and Event Calendar

Here we present our regular session schedule, roles for sessions, and frequencies. Finally we include a calendar for all COTN events.

Regular Sessions

We meet on-air to handle traffic every evening at 7:15 P.M., Columbus, Ohio time.

Additionally, we meet in-person to train on the second Thursday of most months. (See schedule below to confirm.) COVID-19 Guidance: No In-Person Meeting Starting April 2020. Meetings are held by Google Meet videoconference. Contact Net Manager for link.

Net Roles

Our net operates with a Net Control Station (NCS) directing activity, includes an alternate, to cover when assigned NCS is unavailable or needs assistance, and a Section Net Liaison (SNL) which represents COTN to any Ohio Section or independent interstate traffic net. (Cells with thin borders around them indicate a role on the schedule that is open; please volunteer if you're available!)


See the Standard Operating Procedures for our complete Signal Operating Instructions. For special operations, be sure to watch the Activation Notice for instructions.

Schedule of Events

This schedule shows Central Ohio Traffic Net meetings on air and in person, as well as other nets of interest to local traffic handlers.