Preliminary COTN SET 2015 Report In

Post date: Oct 11, 2015 1:30:08 PM

I have compiled the reports for COTN SET sessions conducted on October 3 and 4, 2015. I have data for all sessions, and I have a few outstanding questions to address that might increase these numbers slightly. Here are the statistics:

    • Sessions: 22
    • Stations: 26
    • Total traffic: 112

We conducted nets on multiple frequencies, we ran nets and passed traffic in simplex, and we passed digital traffic among local stations with Fldigi (including via a repeater in Delaware County not normally used by COTN when a Union County station couldn't make it to a Licking County repeater for the planned exchange). We conducted operations from the Assessment Center at Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security, and we exchanged traffic with W8SGT at the State of Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

During the course of the exercise, we learned about some of the limits of line of sight operation on the 2m band, the value of Fldigi for moving traffic, the difficulty of maintaining accurate net session records, and highlighted our need for section net liaison stations. In all, the test was a success, and we're grateful to everyone who participated, whether here or coordinating remotely.

Thanks to all stations who checked in during SET, alphabetically: K8QX, KD8BZW, KD8EEK, KD8KBX, KD8SYP, KD8TIA, KD8TQI, KD8TTE, KD8TVB, KD8UNQ, KD8VXK, KD8YCW, KD8ZWI, KE8BUU, KE8BZV, KE8BZW, N8BHL, N8RFT, N8RRB, N8YRF, N9AUG, W8ARR, W8IXI, W8OLO, W8SGT, and WA3EZN.