Will You Get Your AUXCOMM Qualification?

Post date: Sep 6, 2018 10:56:57 AM

Central Ohio Traffic Net (COTN) strongly encourages all members to take the three-day (or, four-day, depending on the format) course to learn the role of auxiliary communications, the staffing of units to provide the service in an incident, and how to cover the spectrum of planning and maintaining communications in an emergency.

Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security (FCEMHS) relies on COTN as one of the partners that provides its auxiliary communications function. When exercises and real events require additional or specialized communications resources, its Franklin County Auxiliary Communications Club activates, bringing in operators and resources from ARES, COTN, CORC, and others.

Department of Homeland Security has for several years offered a course formalizing auxiliary communications, which it now abbreviates AUXCOMM. Completing this course will make any operator more valuable.

Franklin County Emergency Coordinator John Montgomery N8PVC is working with FCEMHS to host an AUXCOMM course. Qualified instructors for the course are scarce, so courses can be scheduled where there is a demonstration of demand. No delivery date has been set but if you are interested in taking the course, please let our District Emergency Coordinator Mark Griggs KB8YMN know of your interest by email: kb8ymn@sbcglobal.net.