COTN will be in operation on the following schedule. Some explanation is in order:

  • Midnight sessions will run to clear any late-evening traffic that has built up; the sessions will begin at midnight and end when there are no more messages (QRU).

  • Each session listed will begin at the top of the hour and end 59 minutes later; when all messages have moved, net control may change the net to "free" from "directed," but will stay on frequency and maintain discipline on the circuit so any station reporting into the net with messages may move them.

  • Each session will have a Net Control Station (NCS), whose job is to direct movement of the messages and to maintain order of the net. NCS uses a special script for the SET and completes a full report showing all stations in the net session, which are on emergency power, which are new licensees, and so on.

  • Each session will have liaisons to other (larger) nets, providing outlets to the rest of the Ohio Section, and beyond, as follows. Each outlet provides a different set of options, and net control is to direct the traffic to the most appropriate outlet for the traffic type.

If you are interested in helping to staff any of these positions, please volunteer.

COTN SET 2020 Schedule