December 2019 Issue of QNI

Post date: Dec 25, 2019 8:18:43 PM

The December 2019 issue of QNI, an independent traffic handlers newsletter is now available at

This issue contains several important articles—including one discussing work from COTN—about traffic net emergency mode operation. Some other important discussion includes the petitions to limit Winlink and other types of digital traffic operation. (Our own net manager Matthew Curtin KD8TTE has published his Opposition to the NYU Petition to FCC.)

Topics for this issue:

    • Old Sparky
    • The Ubiquitous Two-Meter HT
    • Can a Slave Serve Two Masters?
    • The Importance of Peer Review
    • The War on Winlink
    • Preparing Traffic Nets for Emergency
    • Training Column—Net Efficiency
    • Training Column—Did You Know
    • NYU Petition for Declaratory Ruling
    • RRI Response to NYU Petition
    • An Old Memory

QNI is an independent traffic handling newsletter published periodically throughout the year. It is always available from