New RRI Training Classes Announced: April 22 and 29

Post date: Apr 13, 2020 6:21:19 PM

Dear Fellow Radio Amateur:

In light of the very positive response to our on-going Radio Relay International training classes over the past two weeks, we are adding two additional classes to our curriculum. Registration for these classes is now open:

Emergency Communications Planning: Wednesday, April 22, 17030Z to 2030Z.

This class targets individuals and organizations involved in emergency communications planning. This class discusses:

* Disaster telecommunications theory.

* Applying the emergency management cycle to emergency communications.

* The importance of hardening and mitigation procedures.

* Mode diversity.

* Preparedness concepts as applied to local EmComm groups.

* Response considerations.

* Mutual aid issues.

* Last mile versus infrastructure concepts.

....and more.

National SOS Radio Network and Neighborhood Hamwatch Training: Wednesday, April 29, 1730 to 1930Z.

This class introduces individuals and organizations to innovative RRI programs designed to leverage alternate radio services in a manner that makes maximum use of limited Amateur Radio Service resources. The class discusses:

* The use of GMRS, FRS and similar resources to support local VOADs and neighborhood organizations responding to disaster.

* The use of alternate radio services as a force multiplier for scarce amateur radio services.

* The use of FRS radios to aid disaster victims in time of emergency.

* How to structure response plans and networks to make use of alternate resources.

* Harvesting situational awareness at the neighborhood and community levels.

....and more.

RRI Classes have been filling up quickly, often within an hour or two of announcement. If interested in attending, please register soon. Likewise, feel free to share this announcement with others in your network of traffic operators and local EmComm organizations. There are 15 slots open in each class.

Register for the classes using this link:

Be sure to include your call sign under the "comments" section of the on-line registration form.


James Wades (WB8SIW)

National Emergency Communications Coordinator,

Radio Relay International

833-377-0722 x 700