MARS Exercise October 31-November 1, 2016

Post date: Sep 25, 2016 8:44:24 PM

Amateur Radio-Military Interoperability Exercise Set for October 31-November 1: An Amateur Radio-military interoperability exercise will take place October 31-November 1. The event will begin at 1200 UTC on October 31 and continue through 2359 UTC on November 1 on 60 meter channels 1-4: 5.3305 MHz, 5.3465 MHz, 5.357 MHz, and 5.3715 MHz, respectively.

During this exercise, military stations will attempt to make radio contact with stations in as many of the 3077 US counties as possible. Radio amateurs providing "county status" information will receive a US Department of Defense "interoperability QSL card." For more information, contact the Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS).

More details on the MARS-Amateur Radio Interoperability Exercise 2016 are available from ARRL.