Web Site Conversion 2020

The Central Ohio Traffic Net web site has been converted. Google's Sites service is changing infrastructure, requiring transitions of any old sites to the new. Unfortunately the conversion required several changes, which we opted to do all at once, making the web site unavailable for some people for a few minutes and for others, a few hours. I'm sorry for the inconvenience if the site was unavailable when you were looking for it. If you're reading this, you're on the other side of the update now. The update should give a user experience that works more effectively across platforms, whether traditional computer or mobile device.

Most content has seamlessly transferred. If you notice problems, please identify specifically what you're observing that's wrong and how to reproduce the condition. Let the net manager know.

A few known problems that we're looking to see if we can address:

  1. Feedburner (updates by email) do not convert to the new Sites. There seems to be a different way to accomplish the same thing with Feedburner and Google Sites now. We haven't fixed it yet.
  2. The "Recent Site Activity" was an automatically-created feed of recent changes, and that did not convert. We're looking to see if the new Google Sites has an equivalent.
  3. The new Google Sites doesn't seem to have the automatic news feed that existed in the old Sites; it appears that all items in the site are just independent pages, logically organized under "News," which means the news index page (and the same will apply to the Training Tips page) will need a manual update. We're looking into a way to address that weakness as well.

C Matthew Curtin KD8TTE

Net Manager, COTN