This Weekend is the Simulated Emergency Test

Post date: Oct 1, 2015 3:57:05 PM

The Central Ohio Traffic Net (COTN) will be participating in the Ohio Section Simulated Emergency Test (SET) this weekend. This is an annual exercise intended to put the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and National Traffic System (NTS) to the test, finding strengths and weaknesses in the services that we offer to the public and the agencies that serve the public.

Details on COTN's activity, including the extended net schedules and how to participate can be found on the COTN web site at

COTN's operation will be in the context of the Ohio Section, which will be operating heavily on Saturday for ARES. NTS will continue SET activity into Sunday. We look forward to your participation!

The following is from Stan Broadway, N8BHL, Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), Ohio Section, ARRL.

This Saturday is the “Simulated Emergency Test” in Ohio. We are looking at a “Grid Down” power outage. This is a scary kind of thing- because if the three grids that serve North America did all drop, it would be a long period of time before power returned. In our scenario, we are concerned with augmenting the communications that would be “over the top” as such an event unfolded. Most important when considering this (or even a power outage caused by a winter ice storm in your area) is #1: keep your family and yourself safe! Nothing else matters quite as much. #2: Do everything you can to help your community. By being prepared, with power, food and water, we will be way ahead of the crowd- and we will be able to stay on the air longer.

We tend to sit around and think, “Yeah, we got this.” But will our plan work? This Saturday is a perfect time to test your plans! We expect stations to actually be running generators (safely!!) or batteries as you would during such an outage. We know that to practice this operating environment makes us better prepared for the real thing…and that’s what it’s all about. So have fun Saturday, enjoy working as a team, and use the time to take notes to improve your own situation.

We appreciate everything you do!