Submit Net Session Reports Online

Post date: Jan 25, 2017 12:24:20 AM

Effective immediately, COTN is changing the procedure for submitting session reports. At the conclusion of any session of COTN, the Net Control Station (NCS) is to draft a session report showing the number of stations checked into the net, the number of pieces of formal traffic moved, the number of minutes of the session, and the Section Net Liaison (SNL) station(s) checked into the session. (By-law 9.) The new procedure is that the data will be submitted to the COTN web site. If the NCS is unable to submit the data personally, NCS will deliver the report to a relay station, who will enter the data on the web site. (Note the left-side navigation: "Submit a session report.") The Net Manager will see that an acknowledgement of the submission is sent by radiogram to the NCS. NCS will then confirm that the statistics for the session as acknowledged by the net are correct. NCS will contact the confirmation radiogram's originator if there is a discrepancy.

By having the data submitted to the web site directly, interested parties will be able to see the status in real time, and we will have a built-in audit process to ensure that the statistics recorded are the statistics intended by the NCS.