NTS in ARRL Board of Directors 2016 Second Meeting

Post date: Aug 1, 2016 10:09:48 PM

In the Minutes of 2016 Second Meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors held July 15-16, 2016, two items of interest to traffic handlers made an appearance. The first is the adoption of a motion to make NTS appointments consistent with other League volunteers, and the second is recognition of NTS and its operators for ongoing public service as well as a commitment by the League for their inclusion in public service communications plans.

The text of the motions as adopted follow.

Organization of NTS Area Chairmen

As a temporary measure, during the pendency of the development of the Second Century Public Service Communications Delivery Plan, BE IT RESOLVED that, effective immediately and henceforth, each National Traffic System™ Area Chairman shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the ARRL President, aligned and consistent with the manner by which all other voluntary ARRL Chairmen and coordinators of regional or national scope are authorized; and

FURTHER, effective immediately and henceforth, each NTS™ Area staff member shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of their respective Area Chairman.

Recognition of NTS Volunteers

WHEREAS, the handling of message traffic led to the founding and naming of the American Radio Relay League in 1914;

WHEREAS, a National Traffic Plan was published in the September 1949 issue of QST which gave rise to the National Traffic System™ (NTS™);

WHEREAS, participants of the NTS™ devote countless hours to operate CW, Phone, and Digital nets spanning both the clock and the continent;

WHEREAS, hundreds of ARRL members achieved Public Service Honor Roll status in the most recent monthly listing;

WHEREAS, NTS™ plays a vital role in providing a messaging component for Amateur Radio’s public service mission, including preparation and training for emergency communications; and,

WHEREAS, the ARRL is working to create the League’s Second Century Public Service Communications Delivery Plan, in reviewing the League’s current operations over the past several years, the ARRL has seen and has greatly appreciated the valuable contributions of NTS™ participants;

THEREFORE, the participants of the National Traffic System™ are thanked and congratulated for their outstanding service and are assured of a continued role in the League’s public service communications plans.