W8ARR Appointed Statistician

Post date: Jan 5, 2016 9:04:23 AM

Effective starting in January 2016, W8ARR is COTN's statistician. Please join me in welcoming Art's continued service.

Under by-law 9, net control stations are to deliver a report of the session within three days. The report is to be in the form of a radiogram containing date, the number of check-ins, the number of pieces of traffic handled, the length of session in minutes, and the call(s) of Section Net Liaison(s). The signature should show the callsign of the NCS, customarily followed by /ORS.

Date of the net: In figures only, indicate the date of the session. A session held on the third of the month will have have a first word of 3.

Disambiguate the session if held at any time other than 1915 local time: If more than one net is held on a particular day, the second word is the time that the net started, in local time. For example, the midnight net in the opening of October 3, will begin with words 3 0000.

Minutes in session: computing minutes in the session from starting the call of the net to the time that you announced on-air as when the net was being closed. A net that starts at 1915 and ends at 1932 is seventeen minutes, written 17.

Liaison stations: report only NTS net liaisons, not liaisons to special stations like W8THV, W8SGT, or K8RSO. If you have more than one section net liaison stations, list them all one right after the other in separate words, e.g., if W8OLO and WA3EZN are both checked in as SNL, the last two words of your radiogram will be W8OLO WA3EZN. If no SNL checked in, put NONE for that word in the report.

Example session report

Putting the pieces together for a net that started on the third of the month at the usual time of 1915, ending at 1932, where four messages were relayed, with five stations checked in and W8OLO and WA3EZN acting as SNL, we wind up with a radiogram to W8ARR with the text of:

3 5 4 17 W8OLO WA3EZN

The radiogram in its entirety might look like this.

If you like, an electronic ARRL Radiogram form is available as a Google Sheet in the Templates Gallery.