A Radiogram Occasion

Post date: May 6, 2019 5:52:29 PM

A colleague and I were planning a little hiking trip. The idea was to get out away from the city and infrastructure, spend a little time getting heads clear. I'd set up an HF radio station and get some air time while he got a look around for things that might make for good exploration on a future visit to the area.

His wife was close to delivering a child but with parents in town and prepared for the event he thought a little day trip only an hour or so away might be just what he needed. By the time the day arrived, so had the baby. No day trip was to be had but it did seem a good occasion for a congratulatory note. Naturally I thought the way to take care of that was with a radiogram.

As it turned out, the radiogram also made for a good example of how to deliver a radiogram, and how that's different from relay—especially when it comes to the use of numbered radiograms. The message was promptly relayed once on the net and delivered just a few minutes later. The next day I got a message back from my colleague, who wrote in part, "That radiogram has been the best congratulatory message I have ever received."

Messages can be both novelties that bring the recipient a little more joy and good training for the operators originating, relaying, and delivering them.