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Where can I direct practice radiograms?

posted Mar 25, 2018, 5:12 AM by C. Matthew Curtin
Learning how to originate radiograms can be exciting. Refining and maintaining the capability requires regular practice. Are you regularly sending radiograms? Where can you send them to keep the skill up?

There are several places you can go for good places to send radiograms. maintains several lists for people who are interested in receiving traffic. See the RadiogramCQ CQ Lists. Reach out to your local Section Traffic Manager, or Section Manager, to find out where there are people happy to take practice traffic. The ARRL has a list of sections and how to reach the leadership. Finally, there's COTN's own humble contribution to this effort; being a training net, we have plenty of our own operators with a need to direct traffic somewhere, and if we can help others in doing so, so much the better! If you'd like to join our list of practice traffic recipients, send a radiogram to our net manager with your name, city/state/zip, and phone number.

Central Ohio Traffic Net Practice Traffic Destinations. Send a radiogram to any of these at any time!