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Plan for COTN Appearance at Columbus Hamfest 2014

posted Jul 31, 2014, 3:17 PM by C. Matthew Curtin
The Central Ohio Traffic Net will maintain a table at the Columbus Hamfest to be held at the Aladdin Shrine Center on Saturday, August 2, 2014. Thanks to all of the volunteers who are helping to make this happen!

We encourage all COTN regulars to stop by the booth, say hello, and feel free to join in helping people to understand traffic handling. We'll be listening on 146.570 (DCS 023) for anyone who needs a talk-in (or talk-over) to find the booth. We'll be with all of the other vendor and club booths, and should be easy to find.

Schedule for August 2, 2014
  KD8YCW prepare handout material.
 0700 KD8TTE Sets up table
 0800 KD8TTE Open for business! Hamfest opens, start of shift.
 0900 W8ARR Start of shift.
 1000 KD8YLV Start of shift.
  KD8TTE End of shift.
 1100 W8KWG Start of shift.
  W8ARR End of shift.
  NET SESSION DEMO: KD8TTE/NCS; W8ARR Booth Liaison, passes booth traffic. [146.570 (simplex) DCS 023]
 1200 KD8YLV End of shift.
 1300 KD8TTE Start of Shift.
  W8KWG End of shift.
 1400 Closed! KD8TTE Tears down.
  KD8TTE Collects complete visitor log.
 1915 KD8TTE Brings visitor log and booth traffic to COTN regular session.

Thanks to W8ARR, W8KWG, KD8YLV, KD8YCW, and KD8TTE for taking shifts and preparing for the event.

For more information on the Columbus Hamfest, see the ARRL Ohio Section website at