Central Ohio Traffic Net

Actively training traffic handlers since 1984
When disasters or other emergencies strike, amateur radio operators relay critical information to save lives and property, as well as to report on the health and welfare of victims—even when Internet and phone service are unavailable or overloaded. The Central Ohio Traffic Net is a conduit for traffic between Central Ohio and the rest of the National Traffic System and Radio Relay International.

Messages are sent over amateur radio frequencies as a radiogram, a standard form that contains sender and recipient information, as well as a twenty-five word message. Volunteer traffic handlers from around the country pass radiograms all over the United States and beyond as a public service.

Because disasters often strike without warning, we keep our skills in traffic handling sharp by relaying birthday greetings and other small messages on behalf of both other amateur radio operators and the public at large, as well as during exercises.

The Central Ohio Traffic Net is a part of the Ohio Section of the National Traffic System. We meet daily to handle traffic; all licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to check in and to learn how to handle traffic.
The Central Ohio Traffic Net meets daily at 7:15 PM local time.

See "Net Schedule, Frequencies, and Event Calendar" for frequency information.